"I want to make paintings
that look as if they were made
by a child."

β€” Jean-Michel Basquiat

Technical Illustrations

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Marker, Pen, Watercolor and Oil Styles

These are examples of my illustration style using the same source image. I generate several variations (up to thousands) of renderings per image, ranging from watercolor style to marker-and-pen, pencil sketch, oil painting, and finally a processed filmic look.

Contact me at mofo@thedamagereport.com for inquiries, commissions and gigs.

Marker and pen style

Loose watercolor style

One of my favorite techniques is overlapping color washes, one tight and the other loose.

Tight watercolor style

The image prior to the loose strokes being added.

Oil painting styles

Pronounced brush feel

Pronounced outlines and solid fills

Pencil sketch

A simple black and white rendering of all outlines.


Finally, a photographic example where I'm getting a cinematic film look using an equalized color gamut.

See my series of digital watercolor paintings for many more examples.

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