β€œA painting is not a picture
of an experience, but is
the experience.”

β€” Rothko

Digital Watercolor & Oil Paintings

β–‘ β–‘ β–‘

Using Python to Make Art

One of my ongoing projects is auto-generating illustrations from my old photos. This I do by globbing my photography archives and running a series of Python scripts that employ both Pillow (PIL) and OpenCV (CV2), converting any and all images into a set of layers. These layers are the outlines, edges, watercolor-like fills, color channels, and other experiments that are then combined into a single image. The work is highly experimental and has yielded excellent results and some nice surprises.

An overview of my process can be found here. My book AAART BOOK, Volume 1: Voltage in a Strange Land features many more illustrations of the Japanese cityscape.

More on my Instagram, please see a_spaceman_wandering.

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