气功 Qi is simply
the Charge Field

Qigong is the art of redirecting
the charge field around
with your hands

Clouds are beautiful. They also represent how "chi" energy accumulates into forms based on environmental factors.

The ancients have long known there is an ambient energy field that pervades the entire structure of existence. This field takes many names, including chi. I am adopting a term from the physics literature of Miles Mathis and using the phrase "charge field", which is simply an infinite sea of photons with radii probably around the Planck limit. These photons, though small and undetectable, are still moving at C. We know that each photon represents a huge amount of energy, and also mass, if one were able to "stop a photon".

Qigong is an effective way to interact with this all-pervasive field. There must be a photonic energy level that is more easily funneled by the atomic structure of a human being. This particular band of photonic energy is the Chi that a practitioner of Qigong is working with.

It really is that simple.

More to come...