How to shoot B-roll

At one point in my career I threw myself into the many nuances of video production. Shooting, editing. Ersatz line producer for a middle-tier ad agency. I shot perhaps one hundred broadcast videos in the ad industry.

Aside from the main shots of a piece, it is very important to have plenty of B-roll to fill things out. The more the better, and the better the material, the better the piece will be. You'll have options.

I learned everything I could from the more experienced people around me. One person, in particular, gave me the best direction. She said:

That's it!

You'll hand the editor three times as much SD cards, but they'll have more than enough to work with. As fate will have it, the editor might likely even be the shooter. So do yourself a favor and get into those three points.

For extra good b-roll, I will add the following suggestions: