No one is calling out bad UX anymore

And there is plenty of it to go around

July 24, 2020

How is WordPress still even valid? That, and all the god-awful plugins and templates, what little of them are good, foisted upon you.

Let me be clear: I love PHP. But I fucking hate WordPress.

Do not use it. Do not buy it. Build your own stuff in basic HTML, MySQL, and PHP. That is all you need to create any kind of app you desire.

August 19, 2020

There are too many users on this planet to create custom UIs for each of us, UIs with UX flows that make sense to us. Only to us.

All of my complaints about UX, UI design, and all related topics will sound like rants and unfounded complaining. And this is true. We all sound like luddite whiners when we complain about such-and-such UX "SUCKS".

Well, in this evolving op-ed piece I will ignore all of this attention to vanity and decorum. I will name names. I will name products. I will call out the ridiculous, stupid, and ridiculously stupid.

Being confined in your own kingdom of dirt for years on end will make one keenly attuned to all that there is internet, if you see what I mean.

August 20, 2020

Oh Spotify. Why can't you just be a music player? I long for the days of WinAmp. No ads. Single function app. I long for the days of Napster. No ads. Single function app. No absolutely irrelevant suggestions. If I wanted suggestions about what to listen to I wouldn't be in my music player trying to play music.

Of course, they are always trying to push product. Everything is advertising. Always has been.

Single function apps, as you might be realizing, are scorned by today's typical app developer. Nobody cares if you make, say, a perfect phone camera app. Why? Because a perfect camera app would behave much like an idealized mechanical camera in our physical world. There would be a camera with some user controls, and that's it. The rest is up to you.

Nobody wants that.

Nobody wants real cameras that actually just always work. They ALWAYS store your picture.